Juppies October Production – The 12 Dancing Princesses


Get involved in theatre! Juppies presents “The 12 Dancing Princesses” as our October school holiday show. Auditions begin this Saturday. Read on to find out more about the roles in the play.

12 Dancing Princesses – Cast

The King – With 12 daughters to look after, he’s a man on the edge! without his Queen to help, he has resorted to keeping his daughters securely in the castle to protect them from the dangers of the outside world. This is a role that requires a strong actor/singer with comic timing, and will be cast from older age group (eg 11+).

Lady Monica – The caring aunt of the 12 Princesses, who has some deeply hidden secrets. This role requires a strong actor/singer who can also handle some choreography. Lady Monica will be cast from older age group (11+).

Kitty – The long-suffering housekeeper for the King and his daughters. This role requires a confident actor, who will also be part of group singing and movement.

Annabell – Is the eldest of the 12 Princesses. She’d love to spread her wings and experience more of the world, and, well – just go out dancing like any other teenage girl. This role requires a strong actor/singer, and confident dancer. She is likely to be cast from older age group (11+).

Bella, Charlotte, Daphny, Edith, Felicity, Georgina, Jennifer, Heather, Iris, Katy, Lucy – the remaining 11 princesses. They all have very different personalities but are united in their love for their father, and their desire to experience more of the big, wide world. Princesses all have individual lines and some have small solo singing parts. All Princesses will need to be able to confidently handle choreography. All ages and sizes!

Mike & Bill – Lady Monica’s loyal but rascally servants. These are comedic character roles requiring solo singing, acting and movement.

Simon – The Handsome Prince, of course!!! Well, not exactly a prince, but the Hero who saves the day. This role requires a strong actor/singer and is likely to be cast from older age group (11+).

10+ characters to make up the “village people”. These all have individual characters with some solo lines, ensemble singing and movement. All ages and sizes!12P Auditions

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